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The inaugural Born Blak program is seeking applicants with a robust First Nations perspective in their content, driven to showcase Indigenous culture and make it mainstream in Australia. The Born Blak Advisory Panel will select up to 10 First Nations creators for its first year. Eligible applicants must be First Nations identifying, aged 18+, have a growing presence on social media and a vested interest in digital storytelling on the world’s longest living culture. Applications must be submitted online via with a deadline of Thursday 27 July 2023. 

Successful applicants will be chosen by our independent Advisory Panel and announced late July/early August 2023.

Eligibility criteria, participants must;

Applications close on Thursday 27 July 2023. Please contact us via if you have questions about the application process.


Are you Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander? (select all that apply to be able to enter the next question)


Please introduce yourself and provide some information about your background and identity as a First Nations content creator.


How long have you been creating content on social media platforms? Can you share some highlights or notable achievements in your content creation journey?


What are your main objectives as a content creator?


How do you envision your content making a positive impact or contributing to change?


In your experience, what are some of the challenges that First Nations content creators face in thriving on social media platforms?


Can you share any examples of collaborations or initiatives you have undertaken to build connections within the community?


What specific skills or knowledge do you hope to gain from the education and training sessions provided in the program?


What qualities or expertise would you look for in an ideal mentor?


What outcomes or changes would you like to see in the representation of First Nations peoples across online channels and traditional media as a result of the program?


Are you prepared to make a long-term commitment to the program? Can you dedicate the necessary time and effort to engage in the educational sessions, mentorship program, and community-building initiatives?


Please link to 1-2 x pieces of social media content that you’re the most proud of and that you feel provide insight into the type of creator you are, or want to be.

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