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The Program.

What Born Blak will provide creators

What is Born Blak?

Born Blak is a long-term program that aims to create opportunities for First Nations content creators who have been underrepresented in Australian marketing and communications for far too long. 

We’re determined to provide opportunities for emerging First Nations social media content creators in Australia through the provision of education and training, professional and community mentorship, and networking opportunities. More than anything though, we want to amplify First Nations peoples voices in mainstream media and facilitate greater access to First Nations peoples perspectives for consumers of mainstream media.

Why it's important

Our research* shows that 79% of Australians can’t name any brands that have featured Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in their campaigns. Born Blak strives to address the chronic imbalance of Australian brands and media unconsciously defaulting to work with stereotypical Australian influencers. The program will help to drive tangible commercial partnerships and monetisation opportunities for First Nations creators by facilitating culturally responsive connections with Australia’s leading brands. 

 *Born Blak research was commissioned in partnership with YouGov.

What you can expect

Over six months, the program will provide 10 successful applicants with education, skills and training to support in their development as an emerging content creator. Born Blak will also provide opportunities for networking with brands, key decision makers and leaders in the media and marketing industry through one-on-one mentorship and in-person events at Publicis Groupe in Sydney. 

An educational framework with various education sessions has been developed alongside the Advisory Panel and industry experts. The education framework includes sessions such as How to build your audience online, how to manage mental health online, how to find your personal content style, how to interpret a brief, and more. In addition to Born Blak’s robust education schedule, Publicis Groupe and their People & Culture team will offer participants one-on-one LinkedIn branding workshops to build their personal profile and complete access to the Publicis Groupe learning and development ‘Power Skills’ employee training sessions. 

Acknowledging the realities of what life can be like as a First Nations content creator online, Born Blak will provide all successful participants with wellbeing support - free of charge. 

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